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Biography: My chief goal is to become a very adroit wordsmith someday.

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Plato Joakim
Monday 2 August 2021


  JULY,having tarried with us for thirty one days

bids our fickle world farewell as he prepares 

to embark on his journey to the land of the past

with a solemn promise to visit again

In a grander style in the coming year;


As he turned his head to take a last look

at our world behind,Tears in his eyes stood,

And he uttered in a doleful tone:

"I am sorry I could not stay enough long 

to fulfill all the promises unto you I made 

when I arrived on the heels of the departure of june.

But to take my stead,AUGUST my friend will be here very soon

And he will build magneficiently on all the foundations I have laid.

I beseech you to treat him with the same hospitality you afforded me to find 

abundant favours in his eyes because of all my friends,he is the most kind"


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