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Biography: I am a short pencil in the hands of a writing God sending a love message to the world.

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Ralph Okafor
Thursday 3 March 2022


The stage is set,

Another season of electioneering is upon us.

The foolery has begun.

Bad roads are now undergoing quick fixes,

Drainages are now excavated,

Maternity centres and general hospitals are now receiving daily medical supplies.

Constituencies are now sponsoring new blocks and donating tons of writing materials to schools.

Boreholes are now being built and commissioned daily.

Town halls are being renovated and our market places wearing new looks.

Our mothers are now being empowered in diverse ways.

Bills are now presented and signed into law at the snap of a finger.

All of a sudden,

The status of the nation is work in progress.

Government at all quarters appear busy.

Awoken to their core responsibilities and duties. 

Posters, catalogues and memos are flying around.

Suddenly our Abuja based politicians have remembered their root.

And our village paths are worn out by these august visitors.

Like a pack of spell, our nemesis have returned to haunt us.

In their long convoys accompanied with countless retinues.

They scare us away from the road like rats.

In their trunk, gifts of all sort display.

The village chiefs, the women leaders, market women, the youth name them

Have a hanpack carefully packed.

One after the other we receive them,

Bidders in this auction of popularity. 

And to all of them we give our blessings.

We can't possibly say no to them.

Our poverty not our will consents.

Foolish electorates,

Our doom lies with us,

And our passion have forged our fetters.

What to eat and drink have become solely and solidly the foundation of our alliance.

A fact well known to these rice missionary politicians. 

So they continue to go for our jugular.




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