Benedict Ugor

Biography: A writer, artist and poet. Philosophical. "I love my world: Pen and Paper."

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Benedict Ugor
Thursday 28 December 2023

Not Alive but not Dead

I am neither of happiness nor sadness.
I am neither of light nor darkness.
I am neither of good nor evil.
I am neither of pain nor joy.
Not alive but not dead.

I belong not to the highest peak
Where I am king and people seek;
Nor to the lowly place
Where I work and eat as slave.

I belong not to the noblest born
Where fairies rejoice and shower gifts;
Nor to the desolate born
Whose world begins as wretched orphan.

I belong not to the affluent rich
Where food is bounty and children, fat;
Nor to the helpless poor
Where food is scarce and children starve.

I belong not to the past
Where regrets and memories thrive;
Nor to the future
Uncertain with humanity's fears.

I belong not the calmest sea
Where peace abounds and love abides;
Nor to the chaotic place
Where hearts pound and breaths are quick.

I belong not to the wetlands and tropics
With blossom green trees and buzzling life;
Nor to dry and arid lands
Witout trees, without plants.

I belong not to the newborn
Whom in cradle sleeps so tender and pure;
Nor to the aged human
A troubled mind full of death's fears.

I belong not the the beautiful plains
Where birds sing sofly and daisies rain;
Nor to the horror valleys
Where night is day and day, night.

I belong not to perfection
Where the wise abound without fools;
Nor to queer nations
Where truth is false and false, truth.

But I belong here in my world;
Blank and free to all men;
To every thought and every word.
I belong here in my world;
Walking on white pages with my pen.


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