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Abdulhazeem Popoola
Sunday 25 April 2021

Ode to my TUTOR


I dreamt a dream 
I found self in a land 
With siblings ill - clad
Crying of the cold environment.

It was a long dream 
And to wake up is the ultimate desire
Beyond the will of any mortal 
So sudden there was a betrayal 
From a cock - a - doo - dle

That was displaced by a master 
A master of knowledge 
Saying , " oh know - Time to learn "
For my ill cladding in the dream 
Is the knowledge:  A displacement .

To every living creature
Who is starved of knowledge 
Is in a state of ill clad 
Knowledge shields the ill cladding nature of a man

Adoration to my master 
That saved me from the cluster of ignorance
I will never reward you with vengeance of evil 
For thy power is so magical

Oh master ! When I was raw and crude
You refined and defined me
Placing me on the right path .
Forever you will continue to dwell in my heart.


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