Bayo Akinnola

Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Thursday 9 December 2021

OUR BROTHER HAS GONE MAD AGAIN (To those enduring the madness in town)

Left home in a long moon to

wander at night

He hasn't stripped but

Hair, matted with dirt

Legs cracked, black patches

Eyes red as if 

been washed in blood


bare foot on the ground with every confused step he took

Mumbling un-voiced words 

He didn't look in certain  direction

I was still lost in gaze

I couldn't call his name

I couldn't greet him

I couldn't say Wazobia my gee!

The street looking at him saying

His malady has come

To pay him 

Another visit again

Proudly escorted by flies as he walked past us

Ran and vanished down the dumpstead

I too, am looking for him

And when our eyes meet again 

I shall escort him home

For, he hasn't entered market yet


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