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Biography: I am a short pencil in the hands of a writing God sending a love message to the world.

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Ralph Okafor
Thursday 11 August 2022

Umasonim ~ Followed by Goodness.

To where do we go..,Umasonim the question set my imagination wild.

I reckon that the end of the world will be a brief walk in ur company..,

And eternity is a short time to spend with you.

Umasom there is no particular place I could think up or think of.

If there was a place called nowhere..,it will be worth going.

Because anywhere you are Umasonim is worth being.

Lest, there are so many nice places we might wish to go ~ yet none is indeed beautiful without you.

It's so surreal to imagine, you and I, hand in hand..,our hearts bound in love.

Tranversing the globe as troubadour would do.

The way may be long but we'll knock off the longitude and run our westing down..,

Come what mayeth come our way..,

As long as you are there Umasonim to light my way.

Let terror and fright attend our way, you have my hand to hold irrespective. 

I will continue to follow you and let you lead the way.


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