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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Thursday 17 February 2022


Precious sabeta

I met her on the eve of January 31st 2017

A woman of fine beauty and brains one cannot deny

She gazed at me with those beautiful loving eyes,

As if hypnotized I had to make her mine

She opened her mouth to speak and I felt so weak

But then her voice so sweet fell on my ears, relieved my fears

She embraced me with grace, her smiling face soothing my conscience

I never thought I’d ever meet someone so gorgeous

My goodness gracious she said her name is sabeta 

You see, I was seduced by the looks and the glamour

Of this fine individual with a sense of humour

Like her name she reflected an image of perfection

I was trying to hide these feelings of repression

Emotions overwhelming logic and reason

Like a pleasant drug, she had clouded my vision

Eyes blurry and her name echoing in my ears

Something this precious is usually very rare

Or maybe I’m already in love I was just unaware

Her presence is missed every time she’s not around

I begin to think of her every time I hear the sound

Of my cellular phone ringing damn, she gets me day dreaming

About spending time with her my heart is still aching

To have her all to myself and it’s almost breaking

When I think of her my heart increases its beating

And when she not around my happiness starts decreasing

I’d like to ask her out but have not the courage

Afraid she’s already taken or booked for marriage

Fair Precious who is so fine,

I will not rest until I make you mine.



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