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John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 28 June 2020

I Have Found You Here

To you my unborn child 
Tears rolled down this eyes again 
I am heavy heart for your coming 
15 years ago I was in the middle of the city 
City of many wanton lifestyle in the street 
Hoping to be a good father to you my child 
But your reality now is taking me to sorrow 

To you my unborn queen 
I had wished to buy you a diamond crown 
Build you safe haven for the wanton men are many 
The race where you dwells lives in fear nowadays 
But seeing your diamond crown they would know that you are a Queen 
They would live to protect you from the insane 

To you my unborn king 
I had wished to buy you a golden ring 
The one worn by a king in the old kingdom 
Teach you a way to tell tales and fight for your love 
Like the knight's of King Arthur and the young magician 
You are to win every heart even in battles and wisdom

I saw a mother with her new born child 
Walking in the streets of my habitation 
She looked so sparkling in her coat of many colours 
She told me about her joy and the sorrow of her son 
I looked at her countenance and she took me to her abode and told me of her tales 

The husband had left her in the wake of a new day 
I could not see it anytime soon as I had thought 
Tears fell off the eyes and he held my hands so tight 
Promising to be strong and care after our child 
That he could not father the lad as he had thought 
Race he wishes not to bring into being to tell his like tales 

He left the city and ran into the thin air of no hopes 
Now his child is here and he knows not of what becomes of him that is born unto him faraway 
The unfavourable stories of single mothers she said
Every day I dreamt of our lives together and the words spoken as promises 
I am sorrow for he knows not what I wanted him for 
Daily my child grows calling a father he knows not 


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