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Abdulhazeem Popoola
Sunday 16 May 2021


Stepping up off our dry land 

Just for one course 

Fighting on a thick subject in a sphere

Though vow to mae our glory stay

Coming as a strong body 

To claim the world 

Refree should call our name in passion

Final whistle ready to blow in our v ictory 

Our right feet shall make us reign 

Their left fet shall give them cane

Ask your eagle 

Why they strike this time but could not circle the net 

Though opponent penalized 

Plucky hands still keep to their goal

Your famous captain inside their box

But ceased to fly above

Even when the whole team of theirsn 

Mirror  the whole team 

To have the final say 

Still could not jump for joy 

Our green grass celebrate 

Our victory

Nigeria we hail thee ...


Abdulhazeem Popoola
Wednesday 5 May 2021


Full of conceived aspiration

Full of positive multiplication

Of a multiple blessed replication

Rich in my Inspiration. 

The Life I want

Full of gigantic actualizations

Of Imaginations,

With a blissful fairness combination.

The life I want

Free from forced of frustration

Leaving out my flaws

From clawing my soul.

The life I want

Free from the dereliction of love,

In isolation of incapacitated false freedom of love

Full of compassion of a dove.

The life I want

Productive like the loam of my farm

Flourishing like the greatness of the most high

Free from worldly impure perfections.

The life I want

Echoeing life into life of lads and lasses

Jeopardising Judas feeling with just my mouth

And free heart from dance that can put him on the ground.

The life I want

Filled of gladness of existence

Incorporated with a purposeful feeling of actualization

Is the life I want


Abdulhazeem Popoola
Sunday 25 April 2021

Ode to my TUTOR


I dreamt a dream 
I found self in a land 
With siblings ill - clad
Crying of the cold environment.

It was a long dream 
And to wake up is the ultimate desire
Beyond the will of any mortal 
So sudden there was a betrayal 
From a cock - a - doo - dle

That was displaced by a master 
A master of knowledge 
Saying , " oh know - Time to learn "
For my ill cladding in the dream 
Is the knowledge:  A displacement .

To every living creature
Who is starved of knowledge 
Is in a state of ill clad 
Knowledge shields the ill cladding nature of a man

Adoration to my master 
That saved me from the cluster of ignorance
I will never reward you with vengeance of evil 
For thy power is so magical

Oh master ! When I was raw and crude
You refined and defined me
Placing me on the right path .
Forever you will continue to dwell in my heart.


Abdulhazeem Popoola
Sunday 25 April 2021

My Muse

Powerful like the work of the Lord
Always giving me meaningful inclinations about life 
Never to deceive but conceive beautiful ideas

Oh god of inspiration ! 
Very powerful you are
With the rod of incantation

My Muse ,
My source of Hope in the dark days 
Always fueling my brain with handsome thoughts

Oh god of inspiration ! 
You filled me with meaningful inspiration
That increased my dedication in actualization of dreams yet unborn

My Muse
Forever you will be treasured
For your power is so magical and precious


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