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Otokini Jaja
Thursday 12 October 2023


I'm black, I'm not the devil,

My black is just like the morning Star,

Please don't call me the devil,

The sun Burns me, yet my flesh Burns not,

I was pure, you corrupted me,

And now you call me the devil,

What wrong have I done in choosing to black?

For the lessons I need for the elevation of my soul can only be gotten in Africa,

Why then do you call me the devil?

My soul is colorless, yet you see me as the devil,

I'm no different from you, I see me in you,

But you don't call yourself the devil,

I'm a manifestation of the Supreme Being,

Why on Earth do you call me the devil?

We're one connected to one source,

For I'm not the devil,

I'm good and I'm evil but I'm not the devil,

I'll not be moved by your discrimination,

I've a right to live just like you,

Stop treating me like the devil,

From same dark matter, we're made,

But to you I'm the devil,

Of the same image we were created,

For if I'm the devil, what are you?

I'm black and I'm proud to be black,

I'm not the devil.


Otokini Jaja
Monday 18 September 2023


Man created money to control Man,

Money created frustration to tempt Man,

Frustration created blood money to reward Man,

Blood money created pleasure to satisfy Man,

Pleasure created the urge for more to deceive Man,

The urge for more created monsters to destroy Man.

At the end of the day, Man’s the doom of Man


Otokini Jaja
Sunday 17 September 2023

Who I Love

Who I love, I love,

I didn’t choose to but I just do,

True I thought it to be wrong but love can’t be wrong,

Cause it just feels good and beautiful,

It seems the sun just started smiling again at me,

For all my souls craves is just to be with love,

It hurts not to be able to hold love but to look at love walk by,

For it’s more than a break in the heart, it’s a quake,

I love who I love, who I love, loves who isn’t I,

I cried but the pain wouldn’t just walk away,

Even though I can sale this feeling, I wish not to,

For it would only lead me back into darkness, sadness and emptiness,

So I own it, it’s love but all I feel is pain.


Otokini Jaja
Friday 15 September 2023


My subconscious mind continually questions my decisions,
Listen to the voice it says,
Pay attention to every detail,
Quiet your mind and listen to the divine,
My conscious mind continually questions my hesitations,
Constantly questioning, why?
Though the voice speaks, the battle between both minds causes chaos,
Now in a state of confusion,
I want to win, yes I really do,
But what's winning?
How can I tell I'm winning?
Who even told me I'm losing that gives me the urge to win?
My conscious mind says kill the boy and let the man take over,
My subconscious mind says nurture the boy, for he's all that makes you human,
I love the boy but I need the man,
I fear the man but I respect the boy,
I look at the man through the eyes of the boy,
I see fear in the eyes of the man,
Though he's fearless, his only fear is the boy,
The boy is love, the man is rage,
They both complete me, for without one, the other is powerless.


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