Timilehin Adewinmisi

Biography: Adewinmisi Oluwatimilehin Samuel as Nigerian poet, playwright, dramatist, songwriter and art educator.He's passion for poetry has bought him recognition for his outstanding performance in poetry in Africa continent.He's a secondary school teacher, unveiling the works of Cultural and Creative Arts.

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Timilehin Adewinmisi
Friday 25 November 2022



She has head no cap...
she struggle but never die.

She has head no cap...
She haven't tasted goodies in life

Yet survive the tough time...
like say kaki no bi leather.

She never mind if garri dey house!
she never mind if sugar reach dine.

what money can buy, she couldn't buy!
what eye see,she kept not to pass

As she was groomed ahead of time,
a cloudy sky wave her sorrow..bye!


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Sunday 16 October 2022

Goddess Of Beauty

The moon is fair this days,

the sun brighten up my day.


For your sake I got lost on frame,

thy beauty speak more than I could say,


Your mom say we shouldn't met again!

haven't you cause an heartbreak!


While the world back the stage...

what wickedness 've I left in their face?


Tell this goddess I came to stay,

do I need to dance pass shrine today!


Tell this goddess I came with ring,

in case her mother ask me drop a kiss.


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Saturday 15 October 2022

My Faith Never Dye

In darkest night,

while men surrender,

Out to lye.....out awake,

like a village hunter.


In darkest night,

while elegy rise.


I heard Jesus passing by...

I will draw him fix this heart,


since I long,waited and cry,

tho' you couldn't hear them loud.


I won't stop till I see, amid the cloud,

the voice of Him that make a way...Yaaah.


Tho' I loose my spark yet thirst to rise,

'cause my faith never dye.


tho' rough the way, journey of life,

surely goodness is mine...In Christ I stand.


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Sunday 9 October 2022

The life...the best.

I chose to be different,

I chose to run face the reality itself.


I chose to be there, destined to head.

When no one cares, moving on the quest.


I chose the life,goodies and the rest,

seven days says hold one stressed.


All day run for daily bread,

Open heaven.... dew to my own hand.


This is the fountain,I love to dwell,

nothing more, nothing less.


aiming toward the expected end,

If I will... Hallower.


Not until my own last breadth, wrestling

never to forgo the hell.


Not until am done wallowing tears,

before I could reach the fence.


Not until crisis suspend my greatness,

before I could stand among them.


Not until I abort this success,

before greatness lift my head... on earth.


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Saturday 15 October 2022

Backward Never I Dream

Many are dying, currency keep floating,

Where are the subsidies?

Afterall famine hasn't cease.


While hustling hasn't turn to violence,

blackmailing as the source of influence.

Where has it be smoothy like this mess?

Where has it be favoring my dear friend?


We are lazy as you said.

while first class,roams for daily bread.

we are lazy, yet proud of our selves.

while you choose to rule without fair.

We are sent to school,jailed for the truth,

we are seasoned with savor, denied the shoes.

ASUU  cried expectation,nothing boom.

and why won't they sue their foot to move.

The difference is clear... our dividend?

swallowed by thy lawlessness.... affairs.

The glory despised rise in your presence,

before you 'part say farewell.

Nigeria, I speak good of you...

'cause I believe, we move for good,

backward never I dream... even under my roof.


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Sunday 9 October 2022

My Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat

My cat couldn't catch a rat,
Bulling the rest of his kind.
Why is he drawing back,
Knowing the consequence at hand.

Now,the roof is on fire...
flaming round about,
and behind the smile.
Our faces was like that.... darken.

My cat couldn't catch a rat, 
and while he stoop to conquer,
pharaoh has reached the line....
see the ghost!....we couldn't stand.

Our faces pour down tears...
everywhere scatter and bent.
See the lion we called ourselves,
the lion shivering at mere length...fell.


Timilehin Adewinmisi
Wednesday 28 September 2022

In The Dark World

Our sorrow shabbily speak,

the good morrow unborn.

An emperor sought,

and evil spoken thereof.

In the dark world,

canst wait to run.

In the dark world,

Kindest creatures,

great taciturn.

                ©® Adewinmisi Oluwatimilehin S.


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