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Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 27 July 2021

Limit Line

I, as a rider, I ride

Up mountains in haste I go

I know not yonder I go

Yet, as a rider, I ride.

Step, Oh quick I ride, by step

Down the slope a frantic race

Dashing on with hurried pace

Quick, I ride in gen-tle step.

Swift, I did ride on, swift

But there a vast to my face

And a crumbling to my race

Will, you ride a step, or swift?


Emmanuel Taiwo
Sunday 25 July 2021


As long as the sun continues to rain

And the rain thoughtlessly continues to sun,

Tell the father not to let go of his reign

So as to reshape and chastise his son.

If the mother's whip should go slacked

And her sweet wrapped words convey no lesson,

Won't she be desolate at last from her lacks?

Of loosing her heart to the world suffices.

Tell the son to haste the ride back home

His father await to see his lonely face,

His mother afraid to die with unburied bones.

What keeps our son from home is the worldly gaze.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 20 July 2021

With Me

Come down with me to Jerusalem

Come down with me to the fenced city

Come down with me to the place of refuge

Let us find for our soul a resting place.

Let us go together to the Calvary

Let us bow together at the cross

Let us together behold the son

The forever eternal, for our sake nailed.

The forever, to us been a gift of love

The forever, from the father a ransoms' meet

The forever, eternal salvation given to us

The light on Zion, to whom we look


Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 20 July 2021


When the sea rises above all hope

Drifting high and low to back and forth

Hailing storm and wind in mighty current

Stand strong, the night is almost over.


When your ship float in divided asunder

Sinking deep into the midnight waters

Abandoning all hopes of making it ashore

Cheer up, the shore is only a breath away.


When your comrades turn on you

They, fellow companions shaking with fear

Of perishing at night and lost to the sea

Be of good courage and charge them on.


When your worst fear dare come on you

The roar of many waters disquiet your soul

Your heart fails and your feet shakes

Remember your purpose, to be the moon.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Friday 25 June 2021


Do you love it wild?

Like a ride on the buffalo,

Or you love it mild?

As one of them preaching birds,

Are you the passionate one?

Who cherished the cool of dawn.

Do you mind attaining lofty height? 

Like swimming the high tides,

Or should I break it down?

And crave solace afforded by silent waters.

If trum-trum goes the dark rivers

Let us dive right in

And feel the by rippling rhythm.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 18 May 2021

Hilltop Rose

My rose is mine
Mine is my rose
My rose is unique
It has enchanting effect
It petals are like blades
It stalk is a trumpet
It cuts when touched
And silent when blew
But it makes me aware
Of your presence
At my door knocking
If I give you my rose
Will you keep it as my rose?
Or will you let it waste away
When you keep it as your rose?
I pray of you
Let it be my rose, mine alone.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 18 May 2021


We're a new lover in a new town
Our love is forever, the town still young
Our future is bright, or is it not?
We should care what the town say
Of our love, For or Against
But then it heard our love crashed
What a knowing smile the town has
It knows we're never meant to be
So has it conspired to not let us be
I, as in I, I change not
But you, you are the devil that I know
The town is our witness
You and I should not belong
As for the town, let it always be
As a glitch that will never let us be,


Emmanuel Taiwo
Sunday 4 April 2021

Why must love hurt so?

All you came to do
Was to save me.
You saw all of my afflictions
From up there, you seated
On your throne of eternal glory.
Beholding me, as a fragile one
Your compassion, you bestowed.

You couldn't leave me
Alone in my groaning.
I am your hand work,
And so you thought of saving me.
To redeem me unto you again, you came
Yes, you came down here for my salvation
Your compassion, you bestowed.

For many days you lived with me,
Dining and wining all years long.
You told me of many a thing about
Heavenly kingdom, where you came from
You told me great things to come also,
I was at peace knowing you
I was full with love so deep.

But then you told me you were leaving
Going on a journey faraway.
Going back home to where you came from,
To prepare a place for me, you said.
I had no idea what you meant,
Until they came, oh, they took you away
Away, right in front of me.

I was deeply troubled by what I saw
All because you love me, They wouldn't
Let you go, it's a sin to love the condemned.
Your pains from their whips,
Oh, I heard it all with my own ears.
Your sufferings did I witnessed,
With my own very eyes.

Still, you wouldn't give up on me
You looked at me, all I saw was love
But then, they screamed,
As a man possessed "to the cross"
Oh, why must love hurt so?
All because of me, you went through
A terrible ordeal.

At the cross, your feet and hands
They drove through with nails.
On your head, a thorny crown they present.
Mocked all day, you withstood it all
All for me, for my complete salvation
By your side a spear went through, your
Blood and water rushing out like many rivers.

To me you said, "it is finished" and lived
No more, you lived no more.
All I asked was "why must love hurt so?"
Your body to the ground
Your love to the grave
Your whole to be gone, in desolation
I remembered no word of you, how hopeless!

Two days gone by, there's nothing of you
Early third day morning, there's a rumor in town.
All my doors been shut, that there's
Nothing to life, but my neighbors won't
Stop knocking, whispering about.
I gave no attention, until I heard

My bolt and nut, all swung lose
I'm going to the cross, to see the grave.
Your body I find not, nor your love in the mud
Unto me, my life returns
And my soul relieved.
Seeing you face to face, now I know
Why love hurt so.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Thursday 25 March 2021

Dreamer's dream

I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again

To what depth will I have to sleep
And dream again of the wondrous land
And to what height do I ascend
To behold your glorious deep

Oh you faraway land in keep
In my dream you are no more
To my reality I return, no more of you
A figment of thoughts, a dream in dream


Emmanuel Taiwo
Wednesday 17 March 2021


Heart moving songs
Song moving hearts
Rhythm breaking souls
Soul breaking rhythms
We do feel elated
Elated we do feel
Tuned for us to dance
We dance when it's tuned


Emmanuel Taiwo
Wednesday 17 March 2021

This and that

A little bit of mire
Doth make me stink
From a bit of dross
Do I change unaware
From a little of this
Do I loose myself
From a little of that
I find myself no more
My sins make me frail
And the wind sings away


Emmanuel Taiwo
Wednesday 17 February 2021

The calling

Arise, O compatriots
Your father's land calls, obey
Your future generations calls, obey
Listen to the voice of hundreds calling

They all awaits, O compatriots
They all awaits your awakening
To take the lead and show them the true path
Will you sleep on, O compatriots?

If you failed, O compatriots
Then livings shall come with their deads
Singing to your ears, through clumsy voices
You failed us, O compatriots.


Emmanuel Taiwo
Tuesday 16 February 2021

This and that

A little bit of mire

Doth make me stink

From a bit of dross

Do I change unaware

From a little of this

Do I loose myself

From a little of that

I find myself no more

My sins make me frail

And the wind sings away


Emmanuel Taiwo
Thursday 11 February 2021

Beauty from ashes

Up there
In the sky
Birds will fly
Hope will rise
With joy untold
But to earth
They return
To start
From scratch
Another beauty
From ashes


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