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Saturday 26 June 2021

Book Of Hope

Book Of Hope


On my bird I took this hope

Wisdom and knowledge I

Trailed; this book of hope i

Fray for; the old story never

Forgotten "Children leaders 

of tomorrow"


Through turmoils I kept the 

Dreams for mama is alive to 

see the success; the future 

keeps dangling and the  

mirror take  a slits steps to 



I almost grow a silver hair 

thought, is still black but 

Three decade Is gone still

Believe in this book of hope;

My joy is to see Mama feast 

from the pot of wisdom


This book of hope I love 

but almost mar through the 

hand of a tyrant, though is 

Democrat but its flames burn 

than the Junta; this book of hope

I cherish for I know I'll be refine

at the end. 


Yusuf Dauda
Saturday 26 June 2021

Blissful Eyes Of Clay in The Multitude.

Blissful Eyes Of Clay In The Multitude.

The voice of her creator said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

At a new dawn thy eyes I've seen in the multitude, rigorous and vigorous with allure like magnet that attract men, her name blissful, oh! blissful eyes of clay in the multitude; 

In the hallow of your beauty my heart dwelled, I sight the beams, I smell the charms of your over whelming perfume, the power of my enduring heart fails me so i plight for lasting companion.

To my kinsmen have you heard about this blissful eyes, astonish and rare among her pares? I asked for her wedding prerequisite amazingly i wakeup in the left hand of the economy system; 

my courage is faint but the inner man keeps the ball rolling, I can do it!! so I kept the journey through for success till the Creator offer her as a divine gift, now my joy is complete.


Yusuf Dauda
Saturday 26 June 2021



This eyes have I seen at the day

I never mind to see it delayed

For the mortal body isn't hard 

to decay;

The creator forged it with clay

Mortal!  we're all mortal 

We shall relinquish the earth without delay 

For all I fray is everlasting life in the 

Day; night falls with no relay.

In the twilight I shall call for peace 

with no delay; before my mortal

Body decay, for sin has eaten the

heart of men we must amend 

Our ways; for mortal we're and mortal 

Shall decay.

We must strife for peace to gain 

freedom again; for sin has kept

We bargain, unity and love is the 

gateway through the day; 

trumpet will soon sound in the day 

for no one will escape the wrath again. 


Yusuf Dauda
Monday 21 June 2021

Modern Marriage.

Modern Marriage.


For better for worst Adaku kissed Ella with a deep thought of love and matched her to the alter, joyfully forgotten the old tradition of the African's culture; I sight the Bright and Groom in a glamorous space, having an air of allure, with a romantic smiles which covered the reality of the race;

Indeed is a race! a crown has never been  won in the race till dead; the plight seems so easier in the eyes of Adaku and Ella at the alter; embracing the western garment is just her pride but forgotten the traditional way of life in Africa.

Africa oh! Africa sweet home of liberty your tradition is beautiful, sweet and charming but override by the western ragae, Adaku sworn an allegiance to Ella, in just a glimpse he dance to the western modern tone,

Ella smile to a broken glasses with a deep thought over her ex-lover tears dripping on her face but is two late to bring back the olden days clock to its settings.




Yusuf Dauda
Saturday 19 June 2021

The Ancient Dance

The Ancient Dance

It is the song of old 

my mama taught me 

I put on the dancing 

Shoes to take the steps

The Zaar people call


I love the dance 

The ancient dance

Which my great grand

finds joy in expression;

I find the pleasure to take

The steps but seen only 

during the festive period

Waktary and Lem Zaar.

I try to take the step, but

One thing I lack is the skills

To take the ancient dance

For my courage has been stolen

By an old Barrack Boy experience,

With all the experience of old

I applaud the courage of Mama

to have brought me up to know

that I'm Zaar by dialect, seeing the 

Beauty of Pusji and Ghil my land.

Every time I step on the soil

I feel to take steps of the ancient

Dance nya-gungsu; seeing the 

Sculpture of the iconic Hero

Baba Gonto I smile and throw away

My sorrows into the hand of the sea.

You can't imaging what this

feelings is all about; only my 

Heart feel that joyful moment,

this please me a lot to take

The ancient dance, my culture 

My pride, this I'll not let go; for

Nothing is to compare to this feelings.


A poem for love 

Of My Culture


Yusuf Dauda
Saturday 12 June 2021

The fresh beginning

The Fresh Beginning

It's fresh! oh yes it's fresh!

I can see it's fresh!

What a moment I beckon to say hello!

On a beautiful beginning, to welcome

This laurel which sparkle smiles on the face of 

Human race?

It's a fresh beginning, fresh morn her voice wake me up at the northwestern city of Kano, with

A melodious song ah! I contemplated I thought I was in heaven cause the sound seems likely to the heavenly  host I pulse 

But then, I realized is a choral concert at the redeem church under the umbrella of the NCCN.

Ah it's still fresh when she presented the song "Sweet Sweet Spirit" as her first gift

Could this be the feelings of love? I pounder upon years after years I realized the seed is still growing more and more,

I have no choice than to place a proposal 

Will you marry me? She smile and and look at the face of the earth and throw away the vision as she thought is just a joke.

Still while is still fresh I made her understand that every serious vision start with a play and she bless the word and says Allah ya taimaka.


Yusuf Dauda
Monday 7 June 2021

The Day I'll Be Breathless

The Day I'll Be Breathless

I'll sleep so calm and gentle; 

No sound of a fallen needle shall 

Befall me; for my gentleness is 

Beyond the sleeping lion

The Day I'll Be Breathless

The sound of melodious birds

Will not make a pleasant song nor 

Will the clapping of the flies distract 

My journey through;

The day I'll Be Breathless

What profit have I before this day?

If my trade on earth is against the value 

Of my unseen antagonist; will I journey Through a rich man of the faith or a loser?

The Day I'll Be Breathless 

How many will be the soul I'll win

As my trophy? I'll call for peace over

The unseen battles, for peace is the  gateway through the everlasting Havens; 

The Day I'll Be  Breathless

I'll drive away The Raiders of the 

Treasures Trove which stands against the Beauty of My Roses; for no profit if I'll neglect my traitors which helps in my trading;

The Day I'll Be Breathless

I'll guide my mouth with heavy armors 

Against singing vulgar which defiles 

The value of my singing melodious hymns above and My gentleness shall be beyond the Dove over the sky.


Yusuf Dauda
Monday 7 June 2021

The Journey Through The Tunnel

The Journey Through The Tunnel 

Great darkness has befell my heart the candles is off and the treat is short, oh! What a journey full of lamentation? Though is exodus but the genesis is sweeter!

The Journey Through The Tunnel

This time the journey is rough and tough; Thou I once test thee but never quenched my test, now my troat is dry but the water is bitter than Lime; how can I succeed when my strength is weak and none to strengthen;

The Journey Through The Tunnel 

The experience I had was none compared to this, My thought over thee was shallow My hope not to test thee again; but I know The Revelation  I foresaw is near, for I sense an unexpected joy at Dawn


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