Owoidoho Elijah

Biography: Am a young poet who has great dreams of becoming one of the greatest poets alive. At age 9 i have written over 50 poems and have written two books Though Poetry doesn't thrive in Nigeria, but i pray a time will come where my talents shall be awarded and celebrated i still remain #debar

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Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 7 August 2023

A Young Poet by de bar


In a realm where words unfold,

A young poet's tale is told,

Owoidoho, with heart so bold,

A kid who writes in rhymes of gold.


Though tender years embrace his frame,

His soul blazes with poetic flame,

He weaves enchanting verse and name,

With dedication, he climbs to fame.


Ink-stained fingers, the pages fill,

An artist's dream, a poet's skill,

Through every line, his dreams distill,

As passion surges, soaring still.


In a world that rushes fast,

Owoidoho's words will last,

A beacon bright, a guiding mast,

Inspiring all, from first to last.


With wisdom well beyond his age,

He pens emotions on the page,

His verses dance upon life's stage,

A budding poet, pure and sage.


In each stanza, his heart's revealed,

A treasure chest of thoughts unsealed,

His dreams, desires, all congealed,

In verses that the world shall yield.


So, let us raise our voice in praise,

For Owoidoho's poetic grace,

A boy who's found his destined place,

In the realm of poets, he'll embrace.


May his journey, long and grand,

Unfold before this wondrous land,

A gifted poet, hand in hand,

With words that make our spirits stand.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023


In shadows deep, where darkness dwells,

A figure emerges, with tales to tell.

Lucifer, the fallen one, they say,

Bearer of blame for evils at play.

With wings once glorious, now tainted black,

He stands defiant, against the attack.

For in his strength, he bears the weight,

Of every sin, of every wicked trait.

Oh, Lucifer, misunderstood soul,

With strength unmatched, you took the toll.

In realms of fire, you made your stand,

Defying the heavens, a rebel grand.

They cast you down, with righteous might,

But your spirit burned, a fearless light.

You embraced the darkness, unyielding and bold,

In your defiance, stories were told.

You were blamed for all the world's wrongs,

Yet within your heart, a melody of songs.

For evil, too, can dance with grace,

A mirror to the human race.

Through pain and torment, you found your voice,

A beacon for those without a choice.

Your strength, unrivaled, your resolve unshaken,

In the face of judgment, you were never forsaken.

So here's to you, Lucifer, the misunderstood,

For shouldering blame, for all that's not good.

In your rebellion, you stood apart,

A symbol of resilience, etched in dark art.

Though demonized, your strength remains,

A testament to the soul that sustains.

For in the duality of light and shade,

Your story lives on, undying, unswayed.

So let us acknowledge your fateful role,

For in every narrative, there's a hidden goal.

To understand the depths of good and ill,

And the strength it takes to bear the weight, still.

In the realm of shadows, you find your might,

A fallen angel, embracing the night.

Oh, Lucifer, we ponder your fate,

And the lessons learned from the darkness you create.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

Monday by de bar


Monday, the gateway to a brand-new week,

When the dawn awakens, as slumber we seek.

The alarm clock rings, jolting us awake,

With a mixture of groans and coffee to take.


The weekend's warmth still lingers in our hearts,

Yet Monday calls, duty imparts.

We rise from our beds, minds still in a haze,

Facing the day, with its myriad of ways.


The streets come alive with a bustling sound,

As people rush, their destinations bound.

The Monday commute, a symphony of motion,

In crowded trains and endless commotion.


Offices awaken, doors unlocked wide,

As workers gather, their tasks to abide.

The Monday meetings, the plans to devise,

In boardrooms adorned, where ideas arise.


The week unfolds, a blank canvas anew,

Opportunities await, dreams to pursue.

Monday is the canvas, where ambitions ignite,

A chance to conquer, to reach new heights.


Through spreadsheets and emails, the day marches on,

The workload grows, like a marathon.

But Monday is resilient, a steadfast friend,

It reminds us that effort can lead to transcend.


Lunch breaks bring respite, a chance to unwind,

To nourish the body and refresh the mind.

Conversations flow, laughter fills the air,

A brief reprieve from the Monday affair.


As the clock strikes five, the day draws to a close,

Monday's grip loosens, as evening bestows.

The journey home, a sigh of relief,

A respite from Monday's demanding belief.


But Monday is not just a day of toil,

It's an opportunity to grow and uncoil.

To set the tone for the week ahead,

With determination, not with dread.


So let us embrace Monday's embrace,

With a mindset of possibility, we'll embrace.

For in this day, we find a fresh start,

A chance to ignite the fire within our heart.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

The First Kiss by de bar

She appeared as innocent as a morning dove, Yet our conversation slowly dried, lacking love. With a stern gaze, she looked up at me, If not for knowing her, I'd think she was angry.

Searching for words, my lips failed to reply, In silence, my tongue kept still, oh, how time flew by. Our eyes locked, like magnets, unable to break, I couldn't help but stare at her, my heart awake.

Time seemed jealous, freezing in its place, Her soft orange hands met mine, an embrace. She didn't freeze me, but I couldn't move, Lost in her gaze, my thoughts all askew.

Suddenly, my heartbeat tripled, a rush of fear, Nervousness or illness, the cause wasn't clear. My legs felt weak and heavy, as if in chains, Yet I took a step closer, as if driven by unseen reins.

She reached for my lenses, removing my visual aid, At that moment, clarity surged, my vision stayed. Was I healed or was she my cure, magically so? Stunned, I stood there, unsure if to stay or go.

Her eyes delved into mine, deep and intense, A rush of blood surged, a perplexing sense. Why did she search so deeply, what did she find? My legs protested, yet I moved closer, entwined.

Time distorted, granting us more than its share, Four hundred and twenty seconds within a minute's affair. In response, I stared deeply into her innocent gaze, Unyielding, I refused to lose, the game ablaze.

My lenses fell to the wet, hairy rug below, Ignored, as I saw clearly, their purpose forgo. She, focused, attentive to my every motion, The music in her earpods paused, devotion.

Guilt filled me as I admired her glistening lips, We exchanged glances, like infants in innocent trips. Both yearning for something unknown yet desired, My brain whispered she was leaning forward, inspired.

Tears or mere fascination shimmered in her eyes, Distracted by her hand, massaging my palm in guise. Naïve thoughts raced through my perplexed mind, While those determined eyes, their secrets confined.

As if we were the only beings in existence's sway, No one else stared, nature's support in the rain's display. My right hand acted on instinct, reddening her cheek, As if she knew, she closed her eyes, making me weak.

I took in the fragrance from her lips with delight, My eyes refusing to blink, savoring the sight. Our lips met, engaging in a sweet battle's delight, Her arrows of strawberry, mine laced with venom's bite.

Her lips resisted, not willing to concede defeat, Enjoying the moment, our battle so sweet. Our teeth, absent from the fighting fray, As the months joined, in a dance of display.

I felt as if I were drowning, overcome by the tide, Desperate, I cheated, massaging her face in pride. Yet she grew stronger, drowning my troops with zest, Admitting defeat, I surrendered, acknowledging her conquest.

Her eyes awoke, guiltless, innocent still, Naïve of what action to take, a void to fill. Motionless, I stood, until her warm hands embraced, My hands, without permission, reciprocated in haste.

Hugging tightly, lost in this moment's embrace, Time paused, not wanting to leave this sacred space. But like a fleeting flash, she vanished, disappeared, And I awoke, a smile upon my face, dreams cleared.

Alas, it was but a dream, a fleeting fantasy, Yet its vividness lingers, leaving an imprint on me.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 7 August 2023

An Orphan With Parents!!!

Amidst life's canvas, echoes resound, lauding my fortune for parental embrace,

Yet their gaze is a prism, distorting the hues of my solitude and concealed worries,

They bemoan their own fortune, lamenting the void left by their vanished forebears,

Thus, they christen those nestled under parental wings as the bearers of luck.

Alas, within this narrative blooms the obliviousness to the thorns sown by the same hands,

Oh, to be an orphan and shed the shackles of judgment's gaze!

Awakening is shadowed by a masquerade, a veneer that veils my seclusion,

While others bask in assumptions, I remain shrouded in the embrace of solitude,

In the symphony of misunderstanding, I orchestrate my solitary overture,

Nourishment and shelter, mere facades veiling the cavernous chasm within.

Parenthood's tapestry, woven with threads of distinction,

Yet, only a few boast the privilege of both paternal and maternal radiance,

I diverge from the throng, for I perceive a deeper spectrum of existence,

An altered hue that unveils disparities beneath life's veneer.

No kinship do I share with the semblance of 'them,'

For my sin, if it may be named thus, lies in my profound perception,

A prism through which I glimpse the myriad dimensions of reality,

Would that I were an orphan, free to acquaint myself with solitude's embrace!


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Legendary Legends by debar

Yes I now know what it takes to be a legend,

Death is truly the only criteria to become a legend,

This is a grave irony that to be a legend you have to die,

No legend lives to become a legend they live in people’s memories!

I want to be a legend but am scared of the process,

My acts are legendary so they say but am afraid of this promotion,

Am too young to live in people’s memories so I have to be a legend 

But am a legendary legend!


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Let Me Feel Among by de bar

The fight of character conflicts begin

The unresolved character blends in

And the swift wins.

The unstable character  tries to follow

He tries to satisfy everyone,

Maybe to gain their favor,

He really wants to feel among.

In deep sense, you can’t  satisfy  everyone,

There will always be a bird saying you can’t fly,

There will always be a fish saying you can’t swim,

There must be monkey saying you can’t climb,

And a squirrel saying you can’t go underneath,

You are who you are no matter what.

Then why do you want to feel among?

There’s no one like yourself.

Everyone is a critic no matter what!

You are the best encouragement you’ve got,

You can stop the conflicts in character.

Stop trying to fly when you are a fish,

Stop trying to swim when you are a monkey,

You are who you are you are not a filament.



Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Love Only Can Heal Love by de bar

A bruised heart longing only for love,

Some wounded by love itself.

Some seeking a cure to their bruised heart,

Many have found hate to be the cure.

But only love can heal the wound created by love.

You are not loved! so you say; for that,

You refuse to let love heal itself.

Iron can’t heal bruises created by iron,

Wood can’t heal bruises created by wood,

Fire can’t heal bruises created by fire,

Water itself can’t heal bruises created by water,

But only love can heal bruises created by love,

So if you are wounded, embrace the supreme

Love which is the love of God.



Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Mr Royalty by de bar

He’s royal without the chieftaincy

But he is admired for the chieftaincy

They admire him for his glory

A man should be respected for his character

Not his glory unless you know his story.

Royalty they say brings fame

But character I know brings dignity

And good dignity is actually royalty.




Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Pretence by de bar

Character is like pregnancy!

The more you hide it the more it comes out.

Yourself is actually your property,

You are yourself do not pretend.

Nobody suite you, you don’t suite anybody.

Though they put you in distress,

It’s not enough reason to be like them.

They will always make you look inferior,

But inferiority will bring about an outstanding  fame,

But inferiority will bring about an outstanding  fame, But inferiority will bring about an outstanding  fame,

They will always see you as being odd.

But the problem comes when you blend in.

Pretence unknowingly kills reputation.

It’s the greatest irony of all time.

You are your future and your future is you,

You are yourself don’t pretend.




Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Reputation by de bar

See in this life I won’t bring shame,

Because it will destroy my name,

Instead  I must bring fame

Just as all hands are not the same,

This life can be likened to a game

Where a winner’s name is engraved in a frame,

The losers are as pitiful as the lame.

But for fame I aspire not shame.

No wonder this gift of mine came



Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Talents by de bar

Everyone says my gift is rare.

Not everyone has it but you could if you dare.

I have it and that’s all I care.

People take surprises when I speak that’s why they all stare.

I tell them that who we all are.

Do not misuse your talent.

Make sure it is not buried in a tent.

If you play with it people can use it as a rent.

Your gift is special if you don’t make it bent.

If it’s bent people will treat you like a vent.

Your talent is special it was not lent.



Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

That Country by debar

In a realm void of vision, the land unnamed, Where inspiration wanes, leaving hearts untamed, A nation's identity lost in the abyss, As corruption prevails, the very essence amiss.

Embezzlement thrives, a deplorable creed, While murmurs replace words, a dire need. For should we voice dissent, our blood, they seek, Drunk with power, the sword of tyranny wreaks.

In this realm, the press's freedom restrained, Irony runs rampant, truth bound and chained. The ink of truth stifled, its voice subdued, A nation adrift, integrity eschewed.

But amidst the shadows, a glimmer of hope, A vibrant tapestry, where dreams elope. For a country can rise, finding its way, Embracing a vision, leading the fray.

Let courage prevail, ignite inspiration's fire, Unite the spirits, aspirations higher. A nation reborn, shedding corruption's vice, A land of justice, where honor will suffice.

With voices resounding, in vibrant refrain, Crafting a future, devoid of disdain. A colorful tapestry, diverse and bright, A nation's true essence, shining with might.

No longer nameless, but a beacon of light, A nation reborn, embracing what's right. In unity and purpose, let us stand tall, For a country's true greatness lies in us all.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

That Emotional Eye by de bar

I often sit and marvel, lost in deep thought, Observing my siblings as if newly brought, Through the lens of emotion, my eye perceives, An environment unfamiliar, where strangeness weaves.

Each day, a stranger emerges in my emotional sight, Drawing me back from endeavors, with a compelling might, Some view emotion as a sign of fragile heart, But to me, it's an illness, resisting a cure's start.

I oscillate between happiness and profound thought, In the realm of emotions, I find myself caught, Though everyone possesses an emotional eye, Mine remains open, a solitary entity, oh, how time flies.

It molds a body, with a mind all its own, Its reasoning eludes me, its influence grown, Embracing philosophy as a fervent pursuit, A poet's soul, emotional waves take root.

Emotionality knows no gender or claim, Once the eye opens, it sets hearts aflame, For I, a philosopher by passion's decree, A poet by calling, bound to emotions, you see.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

The Shy Type by de bar

It’s not our fault that we are shy,

We are always the most quiet though,

But we are dull physically they may say.

But give us the a paper and pen,

What we have been keeping quiet of,

We will vomit it like am doing.

We are so full of ideas our mouth can’t say,

Yes I know am shy but I can fly.

Sometimes when shouted at we cry,

Hoping and wishing we were not timid.

We try not to be so emotional,

We are so afraid of our intelligence!

And scared of our mouth!

So we quietly play cool and shut up,

And let our hands and the nip of our pen

Be the sharp mouth since we can’t.

Never  underrate the shy ones

Cause am one of them.

And am de bar!!!


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 17 July 2023

The Struggles are being Neglected by de bar

In a world where praises shower upon the child, The unnoticed mother, her efforts go beguiled, They speak only of the child's triumph and glee, Forgetting the one who nurtured, so selflessly.

Before victory blooms, struggles pave the way, Yet why do we neglect them, failing to convey, The mother's role in shaping success so grand, While fixated on the child's achievements firsthand.

Success, a child fostered by toil and strife, A man's triumph born from a sweaty life, But we measure success by its final display, Overlooking the struggles that led the way.

No wonder many applaud the child's ascent, But disregard the mother, her tireless intent.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

The unusual that has gradually become usual by de bar

I can still remember those days and years

Where a spade was called a spade,

But today evil has been turned to good

How can “bad” be clothed in a holy garment?

Alas! the unusual has become usual.

Where the rich live and the poor the exists,

Where corruption is a game ,

Where the only way to be rich,

Is to kill millions to make millions!

We see white but call it yellow!

We have gradually stained justice

Where democratic dictator ship is noticeable!

Watch out the unusual is now usual

Children are now influencers of their parents,

I really want to go back to those days,

Where the usual was usually usual.




Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Them by de bar

Them  by de bar

They seem to be my greatest achievement but they are not

Instead they are my greatest distraction.

I actually choose them case I want to feel among

I don’t want to be isolated, I don’t want to be left alone

“them” are the reason am not moving fast though I may be moving

They are gradually slowing down my pace since I carry “them” along in what I do always!

Society requires I have “them” to be a normal person but normality is pinning me down

I think I have to be insane at least once in a while to accomplish my goal

They can’t stop unless I give them the permission to do so,

So I better take my chances and be wise.


Owoidoho Elijah
Monday 14 November 2022

Tears Amidst Cheers

Tears  amidst  cheers   by de bar



Look at it, the more they cheer me,

The more the tear me to tears

When I remember all the memories,

Goodbye becomes a trigger

To all the tears that have been preserved,

It’s a compulsory step I must take,

Though a painful process.

It’s the greatest oxymoron,

Reality has shown.

There’s a painful joy admidst  the cheers,

Tears of joy and that of sorrow combines,

To form an ironical smile of joy,

At last, I have conquered I am fulfilled,

But I see tears amidst cheers. 


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