Thursday 7 September 2023

My Pen Crime

This is a thorough confession of my Pen Crime.
I had no choice,
it was the only way out (maybe not the only).
I did not murder with my Pen,
But to me it is a grevious sin against myself, my God and my beloved country.
But surprisingly the youngsters do not see the crimson on it,
To them that is the way,
The right and only way to success.
I ask my God for forgiveness but can I forgive myself?
Can I forgive myself? Can I?
I wish dear reader, that you can feel my grief, my guilt,
I wish that you can feel the heaviness for just a second and never again.
Is this guilt born out of my good nature? Or out of my love for God?
Even after the success arrives will I feel triumphant?
Will I be able to say “I did it myself"?
How do I get my integrity back? Do you know how?
Will it ever fade out, ever?
How do I unburden myself? Tell me dear friend?
Please keep my obscure secret.
I wish, I wish I could tell further but bear with me.


Thursday 7 September 2023

My Opinion about the World I live in.

Everyday I wake into this world preparing myself for the hardship and love ahead of me. 

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, 


For the fact that I can't give up even if I could. 

I am a born conqueror. 

It is quite a mystery the way this life works, 

It has a unique and strange way of mixing pain and joy, 

It is a delicious formula man is never going to be able to get hold of. 

It is like a choking fume that can kill you, 

And also, an intoxicating wine that steals your senses away and yet you feel good about the escape. 

In my little years I've laughed and cried, 

I have felt anger and hatred, 

Absolute peace and trauma, 

Stigmatization and best of all, 

Absolute pride in my God-given talents. 

Even when people make me sad I still show them love and care, 

And believe me, it is the hardest thing ever. 

One more thing, 

In this world I live in, death knows not the rich or the poor nor the average man. 

Sometimes I feel that it so unfair, 

And the other times I feel it is so right not caring if I am called callous or not. 

This is the same corrupt world you live in too if you're reading this. 

But what can we do to change it? 

That's for you to ponder on, 

So good-luck and do not drown in the sea of life. 


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