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Biography: I'm a writer A poet "You can't predict me" But my pen will tell you who I am

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Oluwafemi Abraham
Sunday 19 June 2022


They happily dressed to the sanctuary,

Dead bodies where parked to the mortuary.

Massacre in the place of worship,

Innocent blood flows inside the holy ship..

An abbatoir mistaken for a home,

Worshippers on blood as ghost begin to roam.

And sabbath day become a deadly day,

A massacre that would be remembered all day..

A blood on the holy word,

It's the beginning and the end or the world.

Religion and politics keep roaming ghost

Then we begin to blame the lord of host ...

© PricelessPEN


Oluwafemi Abraham
Sunday 19 June 2022


They work day and night in the hospital,

Attending to patient which conditions are fatal.

They work with smile and dignity,

Just for the love of humanity..

They have alot of knowledge and skills,

Even when you're down, they prescribe pills..

Successful surgery is always their prayers.

They're more important than a slayers...

Their heart shares love and care,

Time for promises and pains they bare.

Realities of love embracing their soul,

Sometimes they light up the heart and soul..

They look more gorgeous in colour white and blue,

Their thought for the job are always true. 

They're enthusiastic about helping people,

If possible they can use injections cure the cripple..

Nurses always endanger their lives,

Just to make their patient survive,

Always appreciate those nurses around you,

They see things other miss and their intention are true..

© PricelessPEN


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