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Saturday 20 April 2019


It was foolishness that made me once say I love you

The foolishness of misunderstanding what was at stake

Like no other heart could say the same words

And be sincere

Since all you elicit is sincere

But the wiser I am

I shall speak in action


Acting out my words into action

For what is action but words acted, alive as it says

So yes! I shall fall on my knees and wrap my arms around your waist

And recite to u the words that Femi wrote

And listen and watch with head bowed low the tremble of your soul

Yielding to my soul

Aye! like this I shall say I love u so




Femi Ashamo
Thursday 28 February 2019


A man should be alone sometimes

It is required for his sanity 

Alone in a place, in his mind

Alone in his dwelling cut out from but still within humanity


A man should be alone

He should seek to be alone

Under a tree he should rest,

Under leaves branched out with its fruit and birds

A visitor in nature’s nest

He should lock the door of his mind and in a dark room

Lit in the light of his mind

He should pace about with his hands behind his waist

Opening thought doors in a search of where he should belong

Where he should dwell; sometimes for a while

And if need be venture out knowing when and why


A man should be alone at times

You see existence offers so much clutter

Discussions here and there opinions from the gutter

A man should be alone to sift through the shredded crossword puzzles life throws at him

He needs to clarify, contrast, compare and then decide which is him

A man should be alone to write his thoughts

To draw conclusions

Set passions and goals

And yet understand life isn’t only about goals

A man should be alone to travel inwards and experience all the bubbles of impossibilities floating within him

He should hop from one to another experiencing it as real and smile when he has brought it forth as real


He should be alone to live several lives not materialized yet still have one life

A man should learn to be alone at times

I tell you

Here he will find that in the journey of life

Alone we came, alone we will go

And that there is a necessity for the evaluation of clarity

Here joy is felt

Thoroughly experienced and discovered from within

Here God reveals purpose and he says to you this shall forever be your pose

A man should learn to be alone

He should develop an awareness; a consciousness of his singularity

In the midst of the crowd

In the midst of his loves, he should be able to say from within “my beloveds”

And stretch out in the ever reaching arms of his mind

To hold their hearts, to grasp their feelings and become one with them


A man should be alone dragging his passions in a suitcase

Not to light as it might leave him and he wouldn’t realize a slight

Not too heavy and over packed

His passions should be concise, yet they should possess him

Compel him, be felt by him

Control him, but not throw him totally off the balance of sanity

For he does not require total sanity


A man should learn to be alone

Then he can write a poem

A song

Find his purpose

Paint the Mona Lisa

Discover electricity

Existence his shelter housing all he has brought as long as it permits him


Femi Ashamo
Sunday 10 June 2018

The Female of our species

The female of our species
Eve's progeny 
A world of delicacies carved delicately
The Divine hand being the chef who prepared her life
An array of pleasantness that words prove inarticulate

she was born from man's bosom
to guide, to love,to help to love
Oh! the beauty she holds
In what we have called feminine as to describe her possibly in one word
Her grace Her strength
Her beauty, her care

The female of our species is the reason for the word beautiful
No one would afford the male of our species that word
But a woman is the very atom of that word
In all her being, molecules of perfection perfecting the word beautiful
An archive of inspiration
For humanity long we have hacked on, at the gold mine of her inspiration
A never ending resource for inspiration

She is the flowering counterpart of society
the rose of Sharon
the Lily of the valley
A semi of Christ she is 
She is the Revelation of him we Christians call beautiful
The constituent which wraps us in an affectionate atmosphere and makes us cry when we worship him

The female of our species was made for communion
No other one would offer you such homogenic communion
When God created her he defined what she should be

A largesse from him
To show man his unparalleled love for him

Her face was to be a mirror reflecting the countenance of his love
Her arms were to calm
Her mind a place for the dwelling and mixing with the Male of her species in the beauty of intercourse
For not only the body has intercourse
The body was for love 
A delight for her love
Given for the actualization of love
In the volcanic eruption of the pairing of love

As Solomon admonished in this light 
"Delight in the wife of your youth
A lovely deer
a graceful doe
Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times and be thou lost always with her love"

Encouraging wanton love In the rules of God
Who is love

And the power she brings in her presence
One look and joy permeates our presence

The female of our species is the evidence of love 
An Amber of softness
A Rife tree, offering protection
Spreading her branches ever so beautifully as she goes on
A guard we shouldn't do without

I miss the female of our species
I think God misses her too
And so does man

The female of our species has been targeted by the devil in that ignominious fall 
his age long fall
He wishes her downfall
For her downfall is our fall

Since she is the cradle of society
The womb of life
The tunnel to life
The assurance of tomorrow
The comfort of our species

Oh! the female of our species
Degraded, insulted, belittled, shamed

Wandering about in the casing of her entity 
 Wondering who she is
Society has altered her part
Their opinion shouldn't be her lamp
For she doesn't exist to serve man

The female of our species
As delicate as the rose petals
As resilient as the ebony tree
As magnificently iridescent as the rainbow in pleasantness
We are to be filled with all her loveliness

Yet body material are we possessed 
And love's decline we have witnessed
The female of our species
whose fault is it ?
For she isn't as she should be


Femi Ashamo
Saturday 26 May 2018

Die to yourself

Every day I die tomorrow a little more will I die
It's a death I look forward to
A death which is necessary
And everyday I live more than yesterday
For Everytime I die I live more often

Everyday I die
I die to self 
I die to the world
Therefore I have more life in myself
More life than you all who do not die to self

He who seeks more life should die...die to self
Die in himself
"For Except a seed dies first it abideth alone"
Therefore it must die itself
For life can never receive more life until it dies itself

Why do u fear when the word die presents itself?
Like I ask you to take a knife to your throat besides yourself

To die to yourself
Is to be reborn from the turbulence of human existence
It is to be crushed under the weight of despair and to awake shortly after despair
Then a new life is born
A new freshness 
A new courage
And On will it stay
for a while
Until again you die to yourself

Die to yourself
It promises sweetness and makes you alive to yourself

Then you do not need to have those rude Awakenings of a door being shut against your thumb or stepping on a splinter of wood by yourself to gain a consciousness of yourself
If you die to yourself
Of yourself you would always be aware
Die to yourself. 


Femi Ashamo
Saturday 19 May 2018

To love the wrong

To love the wrong
What worser fate than to love the wrong
To utter words of love and be hit with a prong
A two edged stab to your heart to tear you worlds apart
And cast it's shadow on the pitiful demise of your voilition
Held sway at freewill by another without your permission

I do not wish for any man to love the wrong
To be cast into an abyss of denial of Love's nonexistence
And deny yourself of a joyful existence

It as though committing results into a failed project
And waking up daily with hope renewed to be bashed because you are not shrewd
Constantly denying the Crux the vital part of the subject

To love the wrong is to fuel passion into a blackhole wasting the ingenuity of your intrepidity
A man can waste material all his life and still recover in his life
But he who denies the heart of necessary reciprocation
His fate is sure death before death
And eventually he shall die and death shakes his head
alarmed at this man

Let me tell you a secret for it is written
" don't you know that the forbearance of God is ment to lead you to repentance"
in other words
"God who is love and love who is God demands reciprocation"

Do not love the wrong you would be

the sky without the sun and the moon
Darkness your morning and noon

You are
The sea without bubbles of life 
The air void of oxygen and co2 

The earth a cadaver of life
Necropolis his life

I have decided not too
You should too


Femi Ashamo
Thursday 10 May 2018

Dear Madame

Your Husband falls continually for me

You have allowed me take your place

Though I was brought as a stranger into this place

Don’t think I am not of standard

What do you think all men want?

Than to be well fed and pampered

I trim his feet, and at the sound of my bells

He rises ebulliently to the scent of my dish

That but soothes his hungry soul

Not only his tummy but other needs untold


Dear Madam

I fear you have been blind

I am a graceful beauty of dainty build you know

And my hips spring forth like the handles

Of a trophy waiting to be claimed

And yet you place me in these aprons

And enhance my affinity

Whilst you adorn yourself in imperious clothes

To whom can he sulk?

I am a beauty, I know I am

And while I walk around all day

He stares lustfully at my thighs and budding bosoms


In this gazebo we spent time that was to

Frame thoughts of ever knocking temptations

That led to boldness of acceptance

Without scorn, devoid of morality and the status quo

And when the rains came, he beckoned unto us

To spring forth like he did

Cold, unassuming and accepting our destines

And left us thirsting for the passion we could share

Perhaps it would calm you to know that

Your husband‘s persistent laser gaze continually

Pierced the very armor of my rebellion, which gave way

To inner sordid thoughts that plagued my very mind

The constant visitation to his quarters of Slumber

Tea in hand

Bearing the essence of your jasmine perfume largesse

Which you acquired through your various travels

Gave way i fear to the cold passion we shared


Like bits of rocks rubbed against each other

We did spark defiantly at first

But due to constant friction we are now a burning flame


Dear Madam

Your Husband just became mine

Why? I do not know

But please know this wasn’t fortuitous

I know

For while he was staring I was caring

And when he called I was there

Caution of your revenge comes to mind

But what do I care, he is mine

I tie my apron as you should have


Femi Ashamo
Sunday 29 April 2018

At the steps

Soon she will walk through that door

The sunlight will accompany her

its rays will dance about the lines of her dress

Her eyes will beguile me

soft, brown; incandescent with heat

Roses at her feet.

My love will peak rising with every tide of her feet.


Before today I have asked myself Questions; Questions replete

All with one constant iota

All a question; this i marked.

Was Her Yes! Yes?

OR a     –   Yes! No?

Meaning at middle ages if we got stuck

would an end come to our love truck?

Breaking down at the point of the ladder

where forward seems too much to bear

And backward? No! its too much to bear


I checked all the indicators;

watched her eyes severally,

contemplated her age

If it was genius

Genius as of too young

young enough to flee and still find enchanting arms to hold her in glee

Or too old!

A flower none would pluck and maybe i should have ducked


What if we woke up tomorrow

and love has vacated our fate?

I have seen that in myriads

oh! what a fate

My heart wont take it!

my mind would break

my knees would shake

strength would leave me and that fate would move me into depression’s estate.


Mum would freak

“I TOLD YOU!” in barrages would follow

not my words of adulation

for years they would affect my concentration


What is love sef?

How did i get here?

And these folks staring from the pews

so many faces

faces always brings places

places i had gone

some I am not fond of

Oh! I want them all gone.

on my right tears are spewing

Mum seems filled with joy

But i thought?

Thought she said…

Who knows?

If Ify is this way

Vacillating, A cauldron of uncertainty

Yes! that is what mum is


My suit is tight

face seems heavy from the smile i am carrying

I back the guests

there is something in my coat

something in my knees

I have to step out.


“TURN!” my friend whispers

“its your cue”

with frozen hands

thoughts laden,

doubts heightening


And there she is



Our sights meet in a rapid combustion

Suddenly a calmness.

And I say out loud soliloquizing

“What do you think?”

My response-   I forgot, I said

To remember only this which i should

“That I and love have decided to hold her dear at all times”

For love is enough it will bend in accordance and adjust rightly every circumstance.

It is the YES! and acceptance that melts away every uncertainty

It will ascend over every mountain and descend into the valley to pick.

I will wait when men walk away

and the clouds withhold their rain


I will say to Ify everyday

“I had decided before I knew”

To Love you each day

Yesterday, Today and all the days which lie ahead

And waving my hands in submission

I ascend up the stairs walking into eager submission

For my bride awaits!!!




Femi Ashamo
Wednesday 25 April 2018

To all those who were weird in class

Who sat at the back row; you know that section which constantly received the teacher’s scowl

And we constantly wondered
What it was with the back row
Why were they bothered?

The Math Teacher always with the word problems
He couldn’t figure it out
That be it math or algebra we wanted out.

The chemistry master always had a bad reaction
Like we had a hand in his unbalanced life equation

And the Economics teacher with his graphs on income and how it should be spent
And we would all stare all day at his regrettable shoes and wondered
Well how much he had spent

And we would stare forlornly
Just through the window outside awaiting the time we would leave to practice the art of whom we are
What we wanted and where we were not confined
For those who were weird in class not to be judged by rules or what they thought right…
For in our open limitless minds we knew they were of short sight.



Femi Ashamo
Sunday 22 April 2018


Firmness begets introspections
Longings satisfied,
Eyes beautified

Then time itself being a friend only to improve the fine in wine
Precipitates the degeneration of tumescent protrusions
Now left to dine with are
Strata of miasmic flaps of human carnality
Spread across the Virtruvian Man

Woe!! to you if beauty never found home in your soul
Then awaits you

"Explicit sorrows till you are old"


Femi Ashamo
Monday 9 April 2018


Girls will always love marriage the very concept excites them

The thought of having reasonable company within their reasonableness
Who listens to their chatter daily without rent
And the infinite possibilities it brings climaxing in the attainment of more progeny

And once again begins the cycle of wanton affection for the joy of their reasonableness


Femi Ashamo
Monday 2 April 2018

A woman shouldn't stare

Once again those eyes will rest upon me

I do not know what they want

They keep staring now and on, back and forth they go

The eyes of a lady are ambiguous to watch

They are iridescent in emotions i wonder what they want

Is she confused trying to play on my emotions and get them confused?

Is she in love does she think of us both as a clove of love?

Again the stare!

My eyes flee from her stare

Even distant from her line of sight i can feel her eyes on me as i leave the site

A woman shouldn’t stare it can cause a man emotional wear

In my room it took me on for hours

The light of those eyes even at night it shook me

It took me into the place i am now at

Evading, avoiding the limelight: her line of sight

A woman shouldn’t smile and stare

Its not good for a man we do not understand what it says

Next time she shoud leave a note and we will get back to her.


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