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Tuesday 28 February 2023

Death......oh death!

Death.....oh you immortal end of mortals

The unwanted yet frequent visitor of man

The ultimate eater of souls

Respecter of no man

The messenger with the same message

Where thou cometh from i can't envisage

Have thou come to end my sorrow

Dost thou come today or tomorrow

Into my thoughts do thou burrow

I sought to end thy sting

I thought to cut off Thy wing

I went to the ends of the earth, thy end there was none

I even sought for help from the priests and the nun

Inevitably thou art the end of everything

Mortal as i am, i cannot but do anything


Isaac Dejimodo
Thursday 23 February 2023

Welcome to Nigeria

Welcome to Nigeria, A counry where :

Men are hustling on the streets of Lagos

Women are bustling despite failures

Children are lacking education

Clerks are always passing divine revelations

A man is multiplying his generation

A thief is stealing a generator

Police is said to be your friend but isn't

Politicians are richer than the President

Teachers are turned to beggars

Corrupt officials are given medals

People see things before elections

Jobs are given by preferential selections

Tribes are in constant conflict.

Where poverty and hunger compete

Let us save this nation

And make up for the time duration

Of suffering and pain

Pls let's not make that mistake again


Isaac Dejimodo
Wednesday 22 February 2023

What love can do

I used to never ever believe in love

Until I saw this girl and then I knew I wasn't sure

And then I figured out to my twisted life there was more

I had this feeling for her.....a feeling so direct and pure

We used to talk till midnight sometimes even till 4

And now everyday I had a reason to walk out the door

Coz she was the only one that my feelings always could lure

We made plans lot even have kids by the shore

But then we broke up.....and now I cant sleep on my bed but I sleep on the floor

This new feeling....this heartbreak i wasn't sure I could endure

Depression I later would incure

Every moment my heart felt insecure

Still I tried looking for a cure

Through dark nights my mind took adventures

Multiple therapy sessions didn't one bit restructure

I always had my mind disfigured

All coz of love I felt disjunctured

And now i have to live with the fact that all my life I'll be malfunctioned


Isaac Dejimodo
Wednesday 22 February 2023

Life : My journey

Ohh this life 

So full of strife

It tries to kill my every drive

Strikes me like a knife

Sometimes I regret being alive

To be better i strive

Still yet no good i derive

I strived and strived

Yet I'm deprived

At times I cried

At times i tried

At times i lied

At times i died

Coz i know there was nowhere to hide

And there was no one by my side

And alone my journey I would ride

I just hoped the wind was in my stride 


Isaac Dejimodo
Tuesday 21 February 2023

A Depressed soul

The feeling of depression

What a dark feeling it infects a soul with

Life starts to make less sense 

And death makes more sense 

All good thoughts it will cleanse

And bad ones are then immense

Sadness becomes intense

Happiness becomes dense 

You view life from a short lense 

Every breath feels tense

Religion starts to look like an illusion

Positivity like pollution

You start to look for solution

"It's not possible" will be the notion

Toxicity rubs on like lotion 

The mind goes into slow motion 

Suicidal thoughts slip in 

Then the occasional sleeping

Pills start to feel soothing

The brain keeps rebooting

You start to loose footing

The devil keeps talking

Suicide still stalking

Death still lurking

You don't even know that someone's knocking

You open and it's ur pal who's mocking

Still clouded in ur mind like he's saying nothing

You stand and you feel like falling

You slump and u feel nothing

Eventually death comes and everyone's crying

Saying that the doc's lying

Buried six feet deep and body's rotten 

Wonder what good you've gotten

From depression that's worth it


Isaac Dejimodo
Tuesday 21 February 2023

Election Resolution

Welcome to the scariest period in Nigeria

The election period where violence infects like malaria

Where innocent citizens would be forced into black Marias

Where to win, corruption is a criteria

Where all forms of religionists go into Marathon prayers

Where even the electoral body is a player

In the game of deciding the wrong leader

For this afflicted country ,so pls dear reader

Vote wisely so Naija will be better

So hardworking Nigerians would stop receiving unwarranted sack letters

So that we would stop running Helter skelter for Naira 

So that our crude oil won't be stolen from the Niger Delta

So that into the promised land we go enter

Coz the situation can make us go mental

And they don't care about us at the central

Let's get ourselves out of this situation

Let your travail be your motivation

Let's start the revolution

And bring our country into a blessed dispensation


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