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Mayowa Adebowale
Wednesday 15 March 2023


The sword is at war

In counter-retaliation of bloodshed

The war advances with guns

The ever resounding horrors of a nuclear explosion

A carnage of lives

The pen is at hand

Recording the history of bloodshed

The hand advances with critics,

The resonance of past errors

Confluence of present terrors

The sword is at war

The pen is at hand,

The weapons advance the kill

The pen leashes the war, it endorses a truce

For war is delightful

Only to those who haven't seen it

Let us therefore, embrace equality and justice


Mayowa Adebowale
Wednesday 15 March 2023

The Horse behind

The prying eyes of kids

At the dishonest actions of elders

The prying eyes of elders

At the dishonest actions of their offspring

Speaks of no rarity,

For the horse behind

Follows up the path

Of the horse ahead

Our world is what it is

A world of swindling

Sometimes an hybrid,

A world of violence what it was,

A world of crime,

Hardly yet, of what it should be

A world of happiness

This world of ours

A remake of precedents,

When good examples are to abound

What trails does the horse ahead leave behind?


Mayowa Adebowale
Wednesday 15 March 2023

The Spec in the Eyes of those who see

I hear what they say

As their rumours spread fast

Like a wild fire,

Wild rumours of jungle accent

To damage misunderstood honour,

A contest to win a race

Which no one comes out of alive

Their methods are efficient

Bold, like a sore to the mouth,

They awaken querying eyes

Judgmental minds of foes unknown,

Speaking bitter poisoning

As the vipers hissing

They throw slime and grime

Yes! Let them go further


Knowledge bequeaths, that un-dead meat

Is no feast for maggots

As blind men are not in position

To remove the spec

From the eyes of those who see


Mayowa Adebowale
Wednesday 15 March 2023

Funky Junk

Metals and junks

Plastics and Fibers

Ropes and Wires

Dangling things

Of hanging tins

Pieces and parts

little things

Connecting huge parts

Pendulums and masts

That they say is technology

Communication and models

The things that knit the world together

How sane, such insanity

The cogs that drive the wheels of progress

Towards the age of advancement

The age of rejected extinction

Just one thing, aiming at - all

One for all at the same stop


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