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Ebuka Nwachukwu
Monday 20 May 2019


Solomon Grundy!Born on Monday!
Born in an old rickety house on that cold winter day that was grey
As the midwives packed up, mother remembered that daddy, as usual,was away
"Child Be dismayed!For in your new home joy is faraway"

Solomon Grundy! Christened on Tuesday!
Baptized in that old church house with mum's tears continued from yesterday
As the priests finished, mother remembered that daddy, as usual, said he would be back someday
"Father save this sad woman and her child, I pray"

Solomon Grundy! Married on Wednesday!
Wedded a local girl at the town courthouse on a rainy day in May
As the wedding finished, mother remembered that daddy, as usual, was absent today
Martha Grundy wore a black gown, and on one hand was an ugly bouquet

Solomon Grundy! Took ill on Thursday!
The day before he had said he was okay
As he groaned, mother remembered that daddy, as usual, said he would soon be back to stay
Martha Grundy, calm as ever, had no sweet words to say

Solomon Grundy!Grew worse on Friday!
On his bed watching the dull sun rays he lay
As he sighed, mother remembered that daddy, as usual, said there was a delay
Martha Grundy, barren as a desert,did not his fear allay

Solomon Grundy! Died on Saturday
Drew his last breathe in his lonely black house where no children play
As he slept, mother remembered that daddy, as usual, was somewhere in USA
Martha Grundy, never one to cry, left as there was no reason to stay

Solomon Grundy!Buried on Sunday
Lent to nobody and had no debt to repay
Mother was no more so there was nobody to dismay
"That was the end of Solomon Grundy " was what the haggard locals could say


Ebuka Nwachukwu
Monday 20 May 2019

Child Seize the Air

From his nest the little bird looks up to see the great ones in the sky
With wobbly legs he stands, frowns, beats his little chest and vows to try
Everyday Mother Nature torments him with this magnificent sight
And every day he spreads his little wings and awaits the air to take him up with its might

The little bird once looked down from his nest
To journey below was not any bird’s quest
He had heard of the dangers that await little ones that fly south
That the nest was a cage was a fact no little bird would doubt

Mama bird looked at her offspring that had still not taken flight
So much will but no action was his plight
For fear is the strongest rope that can eternally tie
“Little one don’t expect to sit here and somehow fly”

The little bird once again spreads his wings and prays
“Please air I have stayed here beyond my days”
Mother bird pushes the little one off the tree
“This is the only way to set your wings free”

As the little bird falls to his death he sets his fear aside
“If I don’t have the courage I will not glide”
Spreading his wings and flapping with all his might he rises with flair
Mama bird once said “the air doesn’t seize you child, you seize the air!”


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