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Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Monday 28 June 2021


What good is a day?

Spent in the pangs of fear

Of what use is the day 

Lavish in the bay

A well planned day

that shine brightly with the sun

Soon sunk into the pit of darkness 

Revolving creepily around it

What good is a day

When all hope is lost 

No iota of restoration is seen

And darkness is all you fathom

Of what use is a day?

Where all things work against fate

What good is in it

When you wake on the wrong side

What good is a day?

All things work against you

The good therein 

Is the gift of life

In which hope lies.



📷 Zakhar Krylov


Olamide Odediran
Sunday 20 June 2021



Fathers are the bedrock and backbone of families,these figures are sturdy and selfless just like a tree.


Olamide Odediran
Sunday 20 June 2021


Since Iconography is the description of images,i interpreted this painting from the perspective of Jacob who fought with an angel in the bible.

Alone with my thought 

When a swarm of fireflies buzz past me

Glowing in myriad of colours

I was captivated by their sight

Following the trail of their twinkle 

Behold a sight so rare!!!

There he stand in his full glory

Skin as white as snow

Face shining so bright

That i can't look up to

Wings shimmering in the dark

Fireflies giving him the heavenly spotlight 

What a divine creature to behold

I rushed towards him

To touch the divine beauty

I speed so fast

To feel the God's masterpiece 

As i reach out him

My heart skipped a beat

He is not Human!!

Seeing me,he was shocked

Ready to fight,he braces himself 

My mind a battlefield of words

As i fought him

He is as hard as rock

I cannot defeat him

Yet am not ready to let go

Not until he blesses me

The divine creature also prevail not

With the last bit of my strength 

I hold onto him tightly 

Asking me what i want

I shouted with great vigour 



Picture credit-Gustave Dore 1855


Olamide Odediran
Saturday 19 June 2021


Stealthily from behind

He grabbed me

Just like a predator pin down its prey

He pounce on me

His hand groping my body

The other covering my mouth

Not a cry i can make

In muffled tones

I pleaded

On his deaf ears

My pleas fell



He ripped my clothing 

closing his eyes

To feel my youthful body

In oblivion to the pains

He is inflicting on me

Smiling victoriously 

He tore off the last barrier between us

I felt broken

As his eyes travelled over my body

Lying helplessly 

Under this monster

Watching as he devalued me

New feeling of hatred

Surges through me

He dominated me

He overpowered me

He took away my pride

He punctured my dignity 

Murderous thoughts

Filled my mind

Recounting his exciting tale

To his devilish buddies

I live to tell the gory part

Freely i thread not

Without the watchful eyes of the people

Yet my oppressor walks

Like the lord of the land






He overpowered me

If i break his head

Will i be prosecuted?

He shattered my dreams

If i stabbed him

Will the world point fingers at me?

He punctured my dignity 

If i kill the monster

Will i be labelled a MURDERER?



Picture duly credited to the rightful owner.


Olamide Odediran
Friday 18 June 2021


One by one

Bit by bit

The dark haired girl

Shed off the piece of clothings on her

Fingering the last piece

a sweet smile hovered on her face

I remember vividly 

How careful she choose us

Her garment of pride

Today being her wedding day

she wants those prized clothings

Next to her skin

For ages i've been with her

she treasure me

Her depository of memories

Being a mere scarf

I underestimate myself

But she value me

Her childhood companion 

Standing alone,i might be insignificant 

But when assembled with other clothings

I make statement 

Meeting for the first time

It was love at first Sight

Graduating from High School,She held me with pride

Nervous at exams,she fidget with me

Best Graduating student at College

She walked with me around her neck with poise

She showered me with love

letting me know what a piece of cloth can be

Clothes can be source of identity 

Peculiar to some races and Culture

We can be cozy and comfortable 

Clothes can be emporium 

Relishing old memories

Fabrics can be layered

to make fashion statement

Specific clothes defines  profession

Clothes are art

We define personality.




Olamide Odediran
Sunday 13 June 2021



Lay bare like goblet wine

Handled by the holiest saint

To which the twelve sipped

And honoured by the master stroke.

Shining object of honour 

Where truth and life dwells

In the sacred place of worship

Dishing out truth and joy

The beam of light shines neons

 Within the eleventh hour time

Through the bond that follows

The Commission testament

Shining like the truth

In the midst of turmoil 

Sparkling like the way

In the midst of confusion.

Now, the hope lay fallow

Men clutching the innate desire

The way we lost the Chalice

And seek Him in the churches.

But can never be the truth

Nor be the bond of trinity

But a fragments of hope

Concocted by man's insoluble  mind.

The wall built between us

Drives our Paul away forever

And tell us to water Apollo.

But we are one, I suppose.

Gallant Soldiers of Christ

Hold on unto this practice

To edify yourself in him

But we drifted from the teachings

Time and again

The beam went dim

And men groped in the dark

In search of Him again.

Looking for the sparkling way 

And shining truth

Through chalice,

Object of edification.


©Alexander Adewole


Olamide Odediran
Sunday 13 June 2021


Happy sabbath,

Hope you've been blessed from His word today?

Here is a letter I wrote to celebrate the uniqueness and importance of God's Word.

May His Word never depart from our life.

Dear Stranger,

    Am writing this letter with a mixed feelings,the feeling of been heard and the feeling of neglection,am happy i can use this medium to pour out my heart even if you later tear up the letter due to anonymity.

      Life is said to be a rollercoaster,it swings  forth and back,during the course of my life,i had have my own share of the swing,life has been good and it has been bad,but your word has been a lamp to my feet and a light to way.

            When life throws stones and pebbles at me,your word is a shield in which take refuge,it protect me from all sorts of vices,when am down your word lifts my mood,your word is like a seed planted in my  life on which i grow.

     I know you are equally surprised as i am too when i first detect your word to be comforting and peaceful even though i never see you,your word is incomparable,it is indescribable and it is  irreplaceable.

               How sweet are thy word

               Yes,sweeter than honey

               And the drippings of honeycombs 

               Thy word is a seed

               In which i grow

               Thy word is a lamp to my feet

               And a light to my way

              Your word is a shield

               Where i take refuge

              Your word is a sword in which i slain

              Thy word is a devouring flame

              And like hammer 

             who shatters the rock

             Your word is like a still water

             So calm and  violent free

             In which i find peace and comfort.

     Your word has been part of me,that i strive to hear from you daily,out of all books in the universe,the one that housed your word is my favourite.

         Till we meet,i will continue to read your words and hope to hear from you daily.

                                                  Love from

                                 One who reads your word





Olamide Odediran
Wednesday 9 June 2021


I  am a house all i care for Is warmth and Coziness,peace and and comfort at my disposal to dish out whenever the need arises,shutting you from danger,protecting you from evils of the world is my utmost concern, protection and Security is all i exudes,in me you find succour, an haven of relief i am, forever your  comfort  zone

My lousy attempt on concrete poem🙈


Olamide Odediran
Tuesday 8 June 2021


With Polished lies
You bought our trust
With feigned loyalty
You amassed public support
Becoming the custodian of the law
Yet you failed to protect it

Our land is in chaos
You promised to restore order
But the tension intensifies
We dare not sleep at night
For we know not our fate
Children in hiding
For the battlefield
Rises in high dust.

Bodies all over the surface
Oozing thick stench that rises to the sky
Wives crying over their dead husbands
Mothers wailing over the withered flowers
Whose dream were cut short
Whose lives were tampered
by their loved ones.


Yes,those who claimed to love us
Put a knife to our neck
Our so called protector
Put a bullet in our skull
Yet the custodian of the law
Soon forget their pledges and vows
Supplying them instruments of our doom.
Then it dawns love is lost
Love is nothing but a crushed hope
Love is lost,this is war!!


Olamide Odediran
Tuesday 8 June 2021


Dear Husband,

How are you faring

I believe you are good

I see you everyday in my dream

Smiling amorously at me

Your visually attractive face

Haunt me day and night

Smiling disarmingly

You ease my troubled nerve

Beauty they say lies in the eye of beholder

But yours lies in my sixth sense of a writer

For I paint you daily with my words

Even though we've never met

Or we pass by unknowingly 

Pages of my poem is our rendezvous 

I will not ask you to be prince charming

Riding a spotless white horse

Or Mr perfect in a tuxedo 

Neither will I ask about

Your escapades with other girls

Because they are just abálẹ́jáyán

All i ask of you,darling

Is a big heart

To accommodate  me

The patience of a snail

To bear all my excesses 

I believe you have what it takes

To be a spouse to a writer

With cascading feelings

And bizarre ideas of life

Master of language,I hope you are

Lest you become a pawn

In my game of words

Also,I suppose you get

The virtue to father those

Lovely ovum in my ovary

For they are dying to meet you

Oh!what a glorious day

The day our path will cross

The earth will receive a visitor

Who is a charming angel

Ìfẹ́ ayé mí

Oh!what a glorious day

I've been waiting for

That your presence will bless my life


Preparing yourself, I believe 

For the love task ahead of you

But I tarry not,my love

In my waiting for you

For your love  reside in me

  Till we meet to see

  Your future wife


  4th June 2021



Olamide Odediran
Tuesday 1 June 2021


Happy New Month

May this month be filled with bright moments.


Olamide Odediran
Tuesday 1 June 2021


Oh Fate!!

Look how dejected i am in you

You watch as life torment me

Shattering my dreams into void

Yet clinging onto the shattered dreams

You laugh at my tragedy

You scorn at my naviety

Lest did i know 

You derive joy in my downfall

Oh Life!!

How bittersweet you are

Dishing to me bland meals

With no flavours and varieties 

Yet i embrace you courageously 

But all you do is watch

Watch as FATE snuffs you out of me

Oh GOD!!

You see the breeze of life

Blowing me forth and back

Swaying me up and down

Sometimes smashing me into a tree

At times dropping me on sand

Major Contributor of my life

Life which i have no say

Oh Destiny!!

People accept you for who you are

Oh Life!!

I heard nobody questions you

Oh Fate!!

I heard you smile on who you want

But with combined effort

You put me in darkness 

With orchestrated allegiance 

You left me in turbulence 

Oh Life!!

With a snap of neck 

I can end this

A gulp of insecticide 

Will put an end to this struggle 

A rope can lift my spirit 

A gun to my head

Will save me from this craziness of life

Oh God!!

Then i remember 

My life is not mine

I've been bought 

By the exorbitant price of Jesus's blood

Oh ye weary and heavy labour

Thus you call to give us rest.

Oh Life!!

I stand to take charge

I am bound to win

To give up this Lifetime

whatever you bring

I'll take in good faith

Because tough time dont last

But tough men do.


Olamide Odediran
Friday 28 May 2021



The land of abundance 

Where people live in redundance


Blessed with people of creativity 

Living off their dreams in captivity 


Beautiful town gemstones clothed

yet you walk around exposed


Diamond jubilee of weaning

makes you more leaning


Ilu ora's devil in Messiah form

exploiting in the guise of reform 


canvassing for holy life

with a bloody knife


The man of uncensored truth

the evil men he soothe


Flag-bearer of the city

dragging it in mire of pity


Enterprising vessel of the nation

Reproach to our generation 


Contributors to your doom

your dwellers are

in pursuit of bloom.

©Unique Eunice


Olamide Odediran
Thursday 27 May 2021

Black and Beautiful

Black and beautiful

just feel like celebrating we Africans today,25th of May was Africa day and I am still in that mood of celebrating Africa all through this week💃💃


Olamide Odediran
Wednesday 26 May 2021


 P ostiivity and adaptable is my name

R  oaming the streets of an unknown land

O  nly to be carried away

U  nder the influence  of lies

D  espite the tribulations and pains of

L  onging to be home in motherly embrace for

Y  ears,yelling and screaming 

A  ll times with no shoulder to lean on

F  antasizing about my hometown 

R  emembering the good old days when

I  walked barefooted around the village,innocence and naivety my 

C  ompanion,when all i know is folktales and songs but.

A  way from home i am,with no traces to my root,but

N  orth or south,East or west-I am PROUDLY AFRICAN.


24th May 2021


Olamide Odediran
Wednesday 26 May 2021


I come from the roots

Unworthy to associate with

I come from the land

Many years ago

Termed to be filthy and degraded

Which land begat me?

The land with its soil so black

As the people who inhabit it

Where criticism and devaluation reigns

I come from the race

where skin tones define us

Just an extra dose of melanin

got us segregated and isolated

But different is the story now

With sacrifices from my ancestors 

and movements from indigenes 

I can now shout so proudly

"Am a black woman!"

I come from that land 

where babies strapped to the backs

Enjoy the warmth of motherly love

Giggling and jumping ecstatically 

In the comfort bossom of their mothers

Which land beget me?

The land where maidens dance barefooted 

Shaking their beaded waists

To the echoes of Ayangalu's drum

Unifying the sisters' bond in the air.

Where is the land I come from?

The land of love and hospitality .

Where brothers wrestle 

Not to show who is superior

But to show harmony and love

I come from that land

Where elders are like gods

With children rounded in the evenings 

To drink from their well of knowledge 

I come from Africa

Where we blend nativity with hospitality 

I am from Africa 

The home of dynamism  and creativity 

I am an African

Who is proud of her roots


24th May 2021

Picture Credit@Pinterest

Picture credited to the rightful owner


Olamide Odediran
Monday 24 May 2021


I hear a soft hum of buzz near me

opening my eyes lazily to check

Behold,all I see is darknes

Straining my eyes to see

Not a thing can I perceive

Fearfully I wanted to run

But not a move I can make

Stretching to free myself

Then it dawned am in a cave

Enclosed alone in a cave with my deeds

Terrified I shouted for help

But no help forthcoming 

I heard so audibly 

My deeds mocking me

Saying it is too late

Then I hear a voice

Recounting the life 

I've led so far

Exposing those secrets

which I thought are safely tucked away

Slowly my mind drifted back

To the atrocities i committed 

While I enjoyed life

To the Sinful way

I carried myself around

I remembered last night

Merrily and happily celebrating with my friends 

But why am I in this grave-like cave alone?

Where are my friends?

Where am I?

Then i heard the voice again

Bringing me back from my reverie

Saying where i am today

Is the product of my deeds

Because I've always been agent of darkness.

Am I dead?

Is this my end?

Where am i?

These are the questions churning

And burning inside me

Squinting my eyes

I see a tiny dot of light

Which raises a new hope in me

Then i shouted for help

Till i passed out

Opening my eyes slowly

I perceived a familiar settings 

Surprised,I opened my eyes widely

Images of my room blinded me

But am afraid to shut my eyes again

Questions flooded my mind

What just happened ?

Is that a dream?

It is frightful 

Am i dead or alive?

Dead or alive,i can't tell

But the mocking of my deeds

Still rings in my head

Overwhelmed by the shame

I vowed to strive for change.




Olamide Odediran
Friday 21 May 2021


Thousands of phrases lurched at my soul

Tons of sentences held captives in my mouth

Multitude of clauses felt deprived in me

I searched through the Oceans

Looked through the hills

Wandered about on the mountains 

Travelled far and wide

I journeyed through the seven continents 

Travelled to all the planets 

For the best expressive way

To give life to my thoughts

yet words failed me.


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