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Sarafadeen Adeyemo
Thursday 16 April 2020

Paradise on Earth

Paradise on earth...

And the world was busy

Defining concept of superior and inferior, 

Working rigorously to invent more defense system

Which brings endless oppression to developing nations

Strategically hidden under the impression

Of protecting national sovereignty.

Imperialism in making. 

And now

Great enemy crawls into the lands in 19

Ravaging the greens with aggression

Peace takes to its heel on sight of the unknown 

Hunger strikes with ease where structure is missing 

Fear romances tender hearts for the war pushes harder 

Even an innocent infant is indubitably frightful at night. 

Ultimate sacrifices have been paid clockwisely. 

Yet, ballistic missiles...practically irrelevant. 

The best teacher teaches in chapters

With instances only the deeper eyes can see, 

Sixth sense can perceive, 

That existing protocol which has consumed global funds

Is subject to revolutionary. 

Let's rise to confidence in peaceful atmosphere 

Let's channel toward paradise our inventions

Let's make the world worthwhile to live. 

The war certainly finds its end at a kilometre distance

The lesson...a lifetime. 


Sarafadeen Adeyemo
Tuesday 7 April 2020


Trying Time...

Do not try me Yee trying time!
Your companionship tells but dreadful stories
Of plagues, which were granted liberty by raw eaters,
That momentary embrace the track then make away with the soul.

Do no try me Yee trying time!!
Your deafening voice echoes beyond horizon,
Your scepter is like ancient warlord's; the ruler of greatest empire
With vast growing economy where the rich and the poor and the brain and the less enjoy equal privilege.
Your generosity so overwhelming, no mother declines.

Yes, your superb superiority stands firm, no one denies.
Yes, your colony spreads over land and sea and air and desk, all succumb.
Yes, humans take a break to give the way, you are the champ.
Yes, your lectures are comprehensive to our leaders, we are on our own.
Yes, we figure out where we missed in administration.
Yes, we realized the need to promote what we have,
The importance of building a true nation
Where mass interest supersedes individual's.

But behold!!!
Your war is a winless war
For your empire will but eventually fall
And obey the voice of our ancestors,
When your flanges in battlefield are engulfed by ballistic weaponry.

Have you not paid attention to the recoveries?
Are you blind to the prophesy?
Your enemies might take few steps backward today
The return, a dead end for you.

'Cause we shall rise again...thank you for the lesson.



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