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Wednesday 9 February 2022

100 percent about me

I don't feel alone 

So I'll lighten up my mood

Cuz I have nothing to lose 

They're not even cool

The journey is  still long 

So I'll forget them and move 

I'll forget all my sorrows and blues

I'll breathe and feel the groove 

The only rhythm I need is me 

I'll dance to my own tune

And make sure I feel good 

My life will be what I choose 

My life will be 100 percent about me 


Happy Ojineme
Tuesday 8 February 2022

A Prayer

I'm  sending a prayer

A prayer to the  father through the holy bible 

A prayer to  God through his oracle 

A prayer to the Lord for a miracle 

A prayer to the king to end the ridicule


Happy Ojineme
Tuesday 8 February 2022

My Valentine's Anthem

I promise  i want to

But I'd  rather  not dare to 

Find somebody to give  my time to 

Find somebody to give my trust to

Find somebody to give my heart to 

Find somebody to give my love to

Catch feelings or talk to 

Find somebody to be close to 

Find somebody to give my body to

Or be constantly asked questions like "where to?"

Or "Baby after work where do  you  go to "

Or "who do you even talk to "

Or be that someone, that someone will wish to

Go out with and  give fake love to

Or fake concern and care to

Or their worthless lies and  time to

So even if I want to 

Even if I'm supposed to 

I swear I'd rather not dare to 

Cuz heartbreak, is not  what I want to 

What I want to be exposed to 

So just like everyday, I'll enjoy being alone on Valentine's too


Happy Ojineme
Friday 8 October 2021

Thoughts of you

In the night when i sleep

I dream of you

In the morning when I'm awake

I think of you

At noon when I'll see you

Tightly, I'll hold you

Lovingly, I'll kiss you

Cause till my last breathe

I never want to miss you


Happy Ojineme
Friday 8 October 2021

World of words

You're able to read my emotions

Cause when i hold a book and a pen

My thoughts, i put in words

In words, with beautiful passion

With my burning desire and determination

With words, I'm able to make this amazing creation

It's number one in my collection

Poetry is my love

Poetry is my life

Words are my guide

Words are everything to me

Every single word has meaning to me

Look deep into my soul

Sweet rhymes 

Beautiful lines

Contagious verses

That's all you'll see

My thoughts are all i have

I'm lost in a world of words

Outside this world

I'm just me

Normal and invisible

But in my world of words

I'm fierce and invincible


Happy Ojineme
Friday 8 October 2021

Another bed of lies

You're laying again another bed of lies

This time the sheets will scatter before sun rise

There'll be no warmth, you'll be as cold as ice

There'll be no escape, you must pay the price

You forgot all the stories and lessons

So now everyone will vanish before your eyes

The price you'll pay, will be bigger than your lies

You already started the game when you rolled the dice

But the move you made was not at all wise


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