Jonathan Ajayi

Biography: I am Jonathan by name, a musician, a poet, a graphic designer, a talker and a lover of the father. Poetry to me is a language of freedom and expression, and it is beauty itself in the guise of short words which despite been short carries with them the impact of the heaviest and longest word there is. I go by the pen name "The voice of Jon".

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Jonathan Ajayi
Friday 24 July 2020


Oh poor pandora

sent by the Gods to men

Is she a  pawn in the game?

Well, I can't say

And yes she came with a box

But outside of the box

She was all in all an embodiment of passion

Home to beauty

And an abode for curiosity

Even  though she caused us pain

In the end

We got our gain

Her love and unrelenting passion for men

Took a good hold of the day

So much more that, today

We can look back at the former days

And know for sure that

Hope never dies, except

We kill it ourselves

Oh poor pandora

The company of mankind will never forget.

"The voice of Jon"


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