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Yussuf Amao Hashim
Monday 10 January 2022

What If?

What If?

What if this strenuous struggle won't pay off

Or my toils would not vanish soon Aenough

What if destiny promises a deceptive future

Or my foresight over the years are mere blurry capture

What if these tussles would last for years

And failures would not stop to induce my fears

What if my aspirations are mere fantasy

Or fortune deters itself from my bumpy journey

What if success refuses to come my way

And doubters continue to mock my pains

What if I fail in the end

And turn a bad precedence from which others learn

What if I starve till I sprout grey

And hide at the sight of successful mates

What if the prosperous moments are not even promised

Or from this emotional woes, I couldn't get healed

What if I would bite finger at end of time

Telling pitiful stories to unforseen kids & wife

What if greatness is not meant for me

And this tears would continue to be daily meal

What if I end up as a shameful failure

And beneath my old age, hardship  lurks

What if my heart does not find a solace soon

And I continue to live with dreary days & noons

What if I fail to make family proud

Or friends find deception in my unending vow

What if I wouldn't ride my anticipated Benz

Or have no shiny roof above my head

What if the bright moments refuse to come through

And kismet keeps me united with unending ridicule

What if I give up sooner

Having found no solace to sooth my burning heart

What if? What If?




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